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          Customer Loyalty

          Everyone Wants More Loyal Customers. What Are You Doing To Get Them?
          Successful customer loyalty programs generally have three important foundations. Hint: They require time and energy. Find out if your company is engaged in any of these components:

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          Project Highlight: Magjak Comes through with Print-On-Demand for International Organization

          Here’s a great sample of a book that we produced for a high-profile international organization.

          The challenge: 650 books were needed in a few days.

          OlleyMay’s solution: digital printing on our highest quality digital press — the Xerox iGen.*

          The colors came out gorgeous, the solid purples are vibrant, and the pics on the inside of different faces shows the quality that is second to none. May be a little hard to tell from these pics – but take our word for it. Or better yet ask for a sample!

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          Engaging with customers via e-mail campaigns depends upon personalized, optimized content

          Topics: E-mail Content Personalization, Personalized E-mail Campaigns
          Publication: DMNews
          Author: Pete Olson, VP of product management for Amadesa
          Date: August 3, 2010

          Marketers have long had the ability to deliver targeted, personalized e-mail campaigns. Techniques such as list segmentation, subject line testing, text personalization and other custom campaign settings (triggering an e-mail based on a cart abandonment, for example) are all techniques that improve engagement and e-mail click-through rates.

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          How Using Mail with Mobile Benefits Marketing Loyalty Programs

          Topics: Integrated Marketing Campaign, Direct Mail, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Loyalty Programs
          Publication: DeliverMagazine.com
          Date: June 29, 2010

          As pizza chains go, zpizza International may not be the largest — but it’s working furiously to ensure that its links to its customers are among the strongest in the business. Hoping to seize on the benefits of repeat customers, the California-based pizza maker recently created an integrated marketing campaign combining direct mail, e-mail and mobile to entice consumers to join its ztribe loyalty club.

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          Testing, Testing…Yes, You Really Need To Do It

          There is no question that personalized printing works. When done properly, it increases response rates, increases revenue per sale and increases customer loyalty. So how do you know you’re doing it properly? You take critical components of your campaign, such as creative, marketing message and database, and test them. This is what one financial institution did, and it reaped long-term benefits.

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          Card Tricks – Boost Responses the Easy Way!

          Do you include tear-off response cards or other forms in your direct marketing pieces? Do you send them blank or do you pre-fill them with information from your database?

          If you are sending forms blank, you are leaving money on the table. Why? Because the more steps recipients must take to respond to your offer, the less likely they are to do it. Conversely, the easier you make it for them to drop the card in the mail, the more likely they are to respond.

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