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          IN THE NEWS

          Proven Marketing Tactics Used by Amazon.com and Netflix are Now Available to You

          Fact #1: It costs 5 to 10 times more to acquire a customer than to keep one
          Fact #2: The average consumer is bombarded with over 3,000 marketing messages per day

          Let’s face it – if you’re a marketer, you’ve got a tough job these days! From generating awareness to generating leads to generating revenue, you have your hands full. And everyone is watching.

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          Why Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore Baby Boomers
          Topics: Trends, Targeting
          Industries: Consumer Products
          Publication: Nielsenwire
          Date: July 19, 2010

          When it comes to marketing, the focus always seems to be on youth. What are they watching… what’s trendy? As a result media companies focus on reaching consumers age 18-34 or 18-49, who spend (or have a key role in spending) billions of dollars every year.

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          Can Advice Increase Conversion Rates? You Bet!

          If you look around, marketers are increasing the interactivity of their sales experiences. There is a reason for it. Engaging customers in the sales process increases the likelihood that they will buy. If you can offer real, practical advice during the sales process that helps them make a better decision, so much the better.

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          How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Targeted Website Traffic

          Topics: Direct Mail
          Publication: MarketingProfs
          Date: August 3, 2010

          If you want to drive traffic to your website, which media should you use?

          Email delivers traffic quickly and at low cost, though open rates can be low. Social marketing shows great potential, but it takes effort to make it work. Then there are PPC, banner ads, and other online strategies, all of which deliver varying results.

          But what about traditional direct mail?

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          Analyze This! Can You Predict Landing Page Success?

          Topics: Agencies, Web Analytics, Optimization, Web Sites
          Publication: CMO.com
          Date: March 19, 2010

          Deciding what works on a Web site can be a contentious affair.

          There are those on the team who think they know. There are those who know they know. And then there’s the HiPPO—the “highest paid person’s opinion.” In the end, lacking any real data or information, the HiPPO will often rule the day and decide what to do based simply on what he or she likes/thinks/believes. . .well, you get the idea. We’ve all been there.

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          Traffic Report

          Using Google Analytics To Track Your Progress

          If it was your New Year’s resolution to improve the effectiveness of your marketing, how do you determine if it’s working? Since one of the benefits of 1:1 print marketing is the ability to

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          Spreading The Word

          Is Your Customer’s Voice Being Heard?

          If you’ve been reading any of the marketing magazines lately, you’ve probably noticed the phrase “voice of the consumer” (VoC) popping up more often. VoC is an industry term for

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          The Path Of Least Resistance

          Boost Response Rates By Letting Your Customers Choose The Way

          When marketers think about successful 1:1 campaigns, they think about factors such as the creative, the offer, the mailing list, and the selection of 1:1 variables. All of these things are critical to a successful campaign. But there is another, even simpler step that you can take to boost response rates.

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          Draftfcb NY new division puts new spin on CRM

          Topics: CRM, Real-Time Marketing
          Publication: DMNews
          Date: June 8, 2009

          Draftfcb New York has merged its media, digital and CRM practices into a single unit called the Real-Time Marketing division. The change, which is in response to the industry-wide focus on CRM and digital, impacted 100 company employees, who were relocated within

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          Rise of the Marketing Technologist

          Topics: Management, Strategy
          Publication: Chief Marketing Technologist
          Date: April 26, 2010

          Marketing has been flooded with a deluge of marketing technologies. Marketing technology isn’t just software you buy — it’s also software you create. Web applications, widgets, Facebook apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, interactive ads, the semantic web, and even

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